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Server Rules

Post by ToxicGamingUK on Fri May 09, 2014 7:52 pm

## A sensible role-play name is obligatory and without it you will not be allowed to play in the server.
## Capitalise the start of your chosen first and second name.

# If unsure about anything, you are always welcome to ask for help in the OOC chat (/ooc) or by contacting admins (@ message).
# The guides section also covers many fundamental aspects of the server, and should be read at least once.

We have a system which allows warnings to players.
Each warning takes seven days to expire.
Minor offences will result in a warning. With enough warnings, a minor offensive will be treated as a major offence.
Major offences will result in a ban.

General rules:
1. Respect other players in the community
2. Random Death Match (RDM) is not allowed. You may not kill someone without a valid roleplay reason.
3. New Life Rule (NLR) is active on this server. If you die, you don't remember who killed you, where you died, etc. you may not return to your place of death for 5 minutes.
4. Abusively using props in ways such as prop climbing, prop blocking, prop spamming, and prop killing are strictly forbidden.
5. Only use your mic to talk as you would in real life, not to disturb others by screaming/playing music and such.
6. Do not self supply, that means changing job only to buy what you need and then changing back.
7. Killing on sight is not allowed, unless there's a clear warning.
8. One-way props are not allowed, i.e. props and materials that allows you to see through one side but not the other.
9. You are never allowed to occupy a job only for the income. If you are the president, you need to control the city. If you are a chef, you need to sell food. Just do your job.
10. Avoid jumping around on fences and cars and such as that's not something which would happen in real life.
11. You are not allowed to randomly demote people, a valid reason is required.
12. You are not allowed to rejoin the server to get your vehicle/printers unspawned. To tackle this, there's a set amount of time before they disappear. If your car is lost, look for it, or contact the police.
13. Maximum amount of money that can be demanded during a robbery is $500.
14. Stolen cars should be advertised that they are for sale.
15. You may only place hits on players for a roleplay reason.
16. You can be raided while AFK.
17. You don't need to advertise raids/robberies.
17. Sprays with inappropriate content will not be tolerated

Vehicle rules:
1. You are not allowed to intentionally hit people just for the fun of it.
2. Fear-RP applies to players in vehicles. If someone is standing right next to your vehicle with a weapon, you can't just drive off.
3. Try to drive carefully, on the right side of the road.
4. Try to park your car responsibly, for the role-play atmosphere. Don't leave it in the middle of the street.
5. It is expected of you as a Police Officer to be using the Police vehicles!
6. You are not allowed to jump into a car just as it's unlocked to steal it. It's also wrong if the car owner unlocks it and enters the wrong seat, then you're not allowed to just jump in either. You can steal cars or go into unlocked ones aslong as they weren't unlocked a few seconds before you went in.

New Life Rule
1. Once you respawn, you have no memory of where you died or who killed you. You are not allowed to return to your death location for five minutes.
2. If returning to your death location right away won't have any effect to anyone else, then you may do so.
An example of when you aren't allowed to return is if your base is raided and you die.
2. NLR does not apply to government officials who are called back as reinforcement. If a police officer dies during a raid, and another officer calls in the radio, he is allowed to return straight away. This does not apply to anyone else.

Fear Role-play
1. If someone is aiming a weapon at you, and you are unarmed, you will be scared, unless you already have your weapon out. You must (within reason) obey the person holding the weapon.
2. Jumping or running around when someone is holding you at gunpoint counts as fail role-play. For the best experience, you should crouch/walk to move slower and be in a submissive position that shows you are scared.
3. As long as you are held at gunpoint you are never allowed to pull out a weapon to try and defend yourself, as this is something which would be clearly noticed in real life and you'd be dead before you had your weapon out. If the attacker is not present to see you pull out a weapon, then it's allowed.

Buildings and bases:
1. You are allowed to build in the street if it's for a valid role-play reason. Such as a police car blockade, a checkpoint etc.
2. Fading doors must be active for a minimum of five seconds.
3. All fading doors must have a keypad, and this keypad must be accessible and visible (don't make numerous keypads to fool anyone trying to get in)
4. Doom-bases are not allowed. All bases need to be 'raidable', you're not allowed to have numerous climb/jump/maze obstacles in your base. Make it realistic.
5. Unrealistic buildings are not allowed.
6. All keypads must be located in a visible position related to your fading door. It can't be far away hidden behind a prop etc.
7. You are not allowed to make bases that are battering ram proof, as the police have no way to obtain keypads.
8. You are not allowed to make the process of getting past one door, require more than one lockpick/keypad/ram. Like, you can't have a fading door with a keypad and inside that you have another one that requires one more.
9. You aren't allowed to use one-way materials.
10. There's no limit on fading door amount, but each situation has to be judged if it's a "doom base" or not. Aslong as your base doesn't require jumping, crouching, and the space between your fading door is enough to fit a couple of players(not just a single one) it's generally ok.

General job rules:
1. If your job sells items such as weapons, food or anything else, then you should in most cases set up a shop, and use /advert to advertise your location and what you are selling.
2. Any job that isn't criminal, should primarily contact the police force (/911) if someone is breaking into your property, or you can hire a security guard. You are allowed to defend yourself, but for the sake of roleplay and avoiding difficult situations, contacting the police force is suggested.

Police Force:
1. Police Officers are allowed to fine for any type of law break, as long as it is clearly written out that it is illegal (on the lawboard) and is a reasonable payment amount in a fine.
2. Corrupt government officials are allowed as long as it's role-played. You can't become the president and add a law saying everyone is free to kill everyone.
3. Police Officers are not allowed to raid someone because you see a printer clipping through the wall or other cases like this.
4. Police Officers are not allowed to raid based on a tip, as this would allow for many annoying situations for people. Substantive evidence is required, but you may request to search a base if the occupier gives consent.
If someone calls 911 saying there's an armed man outside then that's a reason to investigate, not to make them wanted and smash their door down.
5. Police Officers must have solid evidence to raid. For example, seeing someone with an illegal/unlicensed weapon running into a building, seeing a printer when the door is open.
6. Your top priority as an officer is to arrest players or give them tickets depending on a crime. You may hold people at gunpoint, but only if they act violently to you or another are you allowed to open fire.

1. 'Kill-on-Sight' laws are not allowed unless there's a very well roleplayed situation in which Kill on Sight would be required.
2. Melee weapons are always legal.
3. Unless the law board clearly says that gun licenses are required for pistols, you are not allowed to punish people for owning them.
4. All weapons except pistols should usually be classified as illegal. The legality of pistols are open to interpretation by the President.
5. Absurd laws that ban people from being in the city aren't allowed, but if there's a big threat against the government, for example - Renegades who have committed a past atrocity, then it is reasonable.

1. Criminals are not organised gang members. They mainly play alone, so no organised criminal attacks are allowed.
2. Criminals should primarily commit smaller crimes such as stealing/robbing/selling drugs.

1. Gang members are not allowed to ignore the gang leaders command. Demotions can be carried out for this reason.
2. Gang members are allowed to rob and steal, but they should primarily focus on bigger crimes such as a raid, a hostage taking or a revolt against the government.


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